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History of Tara Golf Association Inc.

In the year 1961, four members of the Montreal Shamrocks G.A.A. Club had a vision to form an Irish Canadian Golfing Society. Its main objective at that time was the keeping together of Irish immigrants by playing golf, holding socials and thereby helping to preserve their culture and identity. Subsequently, it was thought that the name should be more flexible and as a result the Tara Golf Association came into being. 
The name Tara was chosen as it was the ancient capital of Ireland where according to tradition St. Patrick lit the Pascal Fire, and also where the ancient Kings of Ireland were crowned. Tara opened its membership to those wishing to join who would continue to foster and promote its aims and objectives as outlined in its Charter of Incorporation. The four men who began the club had the vision of setting up a club to both male and female players without any restrictions as to age, race, creed or colour, a rather revolutionary idea at the time since the Shamrocks were comprised mainly of male participants.
For over 50 years, Tara has steadily maintained for its members an annual circuit of seven golf tournaments, social events and periodic group flights to the Emerald Isle.

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